Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Amigurumi cupcake pin cushion..cute :]

You like? I've been wanting to make a cupcake for yonks but never had the right yarn...I still didn't have it but it was better than nothing lol I'm lovin amigurumi right now, and i've also fallen in love with.....

D.I.Y crochet bows! I made a sweet bow headband aswell but i'll upload it tomorrow. This one is teeny and it's made up of 6 rows of double crochet...easy as feck.

I also love embroidery and i'm working on a crochet hook case but because I haven't bought any nice fabric for it yet (i know...lazy) i've taken to making my own by embroidering on some white linen I bought from back home...I know tis blog has been more on the crafty side recently but I really don't have the passion for stardoll right now. Passion lol how stupid did that sound, but it's true...I go one, check the starplaza, get my starpoints and feck right off again to my wips, hooks and yarns.
I even thought about doing a crochet video tutorial but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in it seeing as this started off as a stardoll blog and all my followers are stardoll fanatics but crochet has evolved!! All those cute slouchy beanies with flowers on them that you find in accessorize and monsoon?? CROCHETED! cute little stuffed toys and cute amigurumi heart room decorations and keyrings? CROCHETED! Cute mary janes slipper socks like the ones you find in primark for £1?? CRO-FECKIN-CHETED!! lol
It's not all about granny doilies anymore, although I love those too but crochet, knitting, sewing, embroidery...they're all really enoyable things you can do with your spare time and end up creating something unique and wearable that no other twatface will have...i love that lol anyway
my rant is complete, but i'#m letting you know now...there won't be much posting about stardoll unless eliza posts or we recruit someone else...I'm kinda done with stardoll for a bit but i'll post about me and what i'm getting up to...whoever wants to read can read :]
mwahz all xxx


....Lucinda.... said...

Coolio sis!!! I'd deffo wanna see a crochet tutorial of urs!!! lol x Anywhooo, good job!!
cya!!!! ily, from ya lil sis, ME!!

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