Sunday, 14 June 2009

Today was food heaven for me :D

I know you lot must be baffled thinking 'how come she's posting all these non stardoll posts??' but tbh if i sit here venting over stardoll all day ill do my fucking nut in so yeh, recently i've been showing some of my bits and bobs....mainly make up lol so here's what I ate today :P
The first one is sooooo yummy, it may look like some crazy burned out of shape naan something or whatever but it's called a mhidjba or when there's more than one we say mhadjeb (plural..don't ask why im givin you a lesson in grammar and vocab) and they're made from semolina dough with a spicy onion and tomato filling, or non spicy, it's up to you. I have loved these from the first time I ever ate one back home, my auntie makes them the best because she uses spring onions instead of normal ones and you fry them on a tawa (I actually wrote twat the first time round lol).
Secondly was the ice cream! I haven't had one of these for fucking got to a point where I just couldn't be bothered to chase the ice cream van haha, but my hubby got me this beaute earlier and needess to say I clapped it down, i had them witht he sprinkles when I was younger and aaallways strawberry sauce, bubblegum just wasnt the same :/
anyhoo, i'm off to have a bath and another mhidjba and yes those were my heart print pyjamas beneath the plate lol laters dudettes -x-

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