Saturday, 27 June 2009

My cat had 7 more bababz!

Crikey this cat is randy...any of my friends would know that she just had a litter a couple of months ago and now she's had some more lol But it's unhealthy for her so we have to give either her or my son spike (he's a cat and the babydaddy of these little ones...and he is my son lol) the snip otherwise she'll keep havin kids every 3 months and end up really sick.
Last time she only had four but this time she went all the way and popped out seven O.o OUCH!
Bless her socks, she's still a little messy in the pics as she just gave birth about 8 hours ago, I can't take her away from the ittle ones either as they need they're mummy. I actually have a video of my faveourite kitten from the last lot, he was such a characer and had the CUTEST face i've ever seen on a cat! I'll upload it later if I can manage to import it into that blasted movie maker crap.


Kathi86 said...

omg ... that's sooo cute!

mishka1997 said...

Ohh!! That soo cute! ^^

Wooldoor said...