Thursday, 4 June 2009

I can't WAIT for this dress!

*sings* I l-l-l-l-loooove this! Modelled by my angelfairy, it's bedazzled grecian chiffon paradise! I cant wait for it to hit starplaza, there's also I fishnet dress which I've also fallen for, remeniscent of the first season LE caged stilettos.
I actually love the new doll haha maybe it's because of my lifetime time obsession with mermaids, but the jack sparrow head gear was a no no..eek.


Anonymous said...

when does these dresses come to starplaza. and do u have pics of the others ;-)

ayfairy said...

I`m singing with you Carmen I LOVELOVELOVE this dress!!! AHHHH! I just can`t take my eyes of it! This is the most beautiful dress sd has ever,ever made and now I´m wearing it *yay yay yay* thank you Carmen! YOU are an angel who makes me look like an angel! <3 HUGE HUGS&KISSES!!!!!