Saturday, 30 May 2009

Inside my...Make-up bag!

With all the make-up tutorials and what not on stardoll, I thought i'd show you my real life make-up, which is no where near as bright nor brave as what I put my medoll through! Here are my best make-up buys and every item that's shown is mega value for money and goo quality too :D

This is my BUDGET make-up lol the brushes and eyeshadows are from primark and I think the total cost of everything is £4! The brushes we're the best value for money, at £1 they're just as good as MAC or any other designer brush as the bristles aren't made of nylon or whatever it is the really cheap ones are made of. The angled is brush is my fave, i'm always using it for cat flicks or to fill in my eyebrows.

These are the rest of my eye products;
Maybelline Line Definer : Basically liquid eyeliner in the body of a pen.
Bourjois Brush Concealer : I hate stubby lipstick concealers, they're way too sticky. This does a super good job and my eyes look a whole lot brighter but It's not quite on the same level as YSL Touche Eclat.
Bourjois Volume Clubbing mascara in Ultra black : Does just what it says on the tube, gives you nice thick lashes but long at the same time. The brush has a flat side to it so if you buy this or already have it but don't know how to use it properly, always get rid of the excess gunk from the flat side before you work it through your lashes ;] It's a little more time consuming but the effects are worth it.
Barry M Liquid Eyeliner : Barry M is THE best value for money, their products last for ages without getting gunky, smelly etc. I've had this for over a year and it's as fresh as the first day I bought it! Amazing value.

And this is the rest of it :]
Bourjois Limited Edition Gloss Bijou : That's the disco ball lipgloss lol It was out for a limited time last year and I managed to pick one up by chance in boots! I went in for some slap and because i'd spent over a certain amount of money they gave it to me free but the retail price was £10.95 I think, which is a rip off. The ball is so heavy, it comes on a silk cord so when you're out clubbing or whatever you can wear it around your neck. It's quite shimmery though and if you use it sparingly you end up with nice dewy lips :]
Carmex : haha! Always need carmex for when it hits winter time, I love this stuff! It's smells like cupcakes and Vapo rub but it works wonders.
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse : The best foundation I've ever used, i've been hooked on this for a good 3 years now. Your skin looks absolutely flawless when you slather this on, i'm in love :}
Maybelline Mineral Powder foundation : Ever been awake when the teleshopping is one and that sheer cover advert is one every flippin channel? Well now you don't have to get it shipped to you, just go to superdrugs! This is the shit, I love it as much as the mousse. It's ideal for when you're at home but don't feel to put your full face on or have a few blotches. It even comes with it's own kabuki brush :D (the small one in the left top corner)
Barry M Nail Polish : Love love love this! It's a gorgeous dark 'matte' brown lol I say matte because it's not the shimmery crap, it has a wet look after it's dried. I got this the same day I got the eyeliner and most nail polishes go thick and clumpy after a few months but this is still top condition! As fluid as the day I bought it.
Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzer : I like this! It smells like toffee! It's not matte so it has some shimmer to it but it looks amazing and glows nicely. Funny story, the day I bought this I left it out on the table and went upstairs. When I came back down, My hubby had just come in so I did what I normally do when I get smething new and showed it off to him lol He was shocked when he found out what it was..he thought it was fancy chocolate and almost ate it but didn't because he thought it was mine, he had no idea it was make-up LOL aww
Boujois blush brush : Finally we've reached the end haha this is more firm as opposed to the usual kabuki brush so it's better for when you want solid coverage, costs a bomb at around £5 but worth it.
If you live in the UK it'll be easy for you to purchase them, even from your sofa lol just go to boots' website or the Barry M section in topshop
I know this was a huge rambling post but I do love me some make-up so whenever I buy anything new i'll do a post and review on it for you! Thanx for reading :]


lipgloss_babe91 said...

I saw that primark eyeshadow and just had to click on this post xD
and i have the exact same one i dont think i bought it tho i robbed it off my sister :P i have some eyeliner from there too but its a bit bad :( its got green glitter in but the glitter always separates from the liquid and its hell to get out!
I also have quite a few barry m nail polishes its real good stuff isnt it and omg i was watching snog, marry, avoid the other night and aparently if you dip your nails into really cold water after youve painted them it goes hard really quick!
Also im really jelouse you got that disco ball lip gloss xP and i cant evn wear dream matte mouse because its all to dark for my skin :( i need real pale stuff like that nicola's range of make-up (from girls aloud) but its a bit on the pricey side >:(
Well you'll be glad to know thats the end of my essay :] x

Talia-87 said...

I also use the dream matte mouse make up!!! Its soo heavenly;)